SANOS Veterinary Dental Sealant!

This innovative, easy-to-use, professionally applied dental barrier dries rapidly to create a clear sealant on the animal's sub-gingival gum line that helps keep the oral cavity clean and aids in extending the benefits of prophylaxis. A SANOS™ application lasts up to 6 months. For animal use only, for use in dogs and cats.

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An unhealthy oral cavity with all sorts of unfavorable bacteria, gum and inner lip ulcerations, receding gums, root exposure and plaque buildup.

A healthy mouth with normal bacterial flora. 

The dog whose photo is on the left runs the risk of toxin absorption into the blood stream. Bacteria, too, can invade the body through the blood stream by gaining entrance into the oral lesions... this is called Bacteremia.  If the bacteria get a chance to settle and reproduce in the lining of the heart or heart valves, a serious condition may result called Bacterial Endocarditis.  Kidney damage and joint problems are a common sequele to bacterial invasion via the unhealthy oral cavity.

These are some frequently asked questions regarding Sanos Veterinary Dental Sealant:

Q: What is SANOS™? 
A: SANOS™ is a dental barrier sealant designed for dogs and cats to help keep the oral cavity clean and extend the benefits of prophylaxis (dental cleaning).

Q: Are there any or have there been any similar products for pet oral care like SANOS™? 
A: No, SANOS™ is unique and is specifically designed to be effective, long lasting and easy to use for veterinary professionals.

Q: What are the advantages of SANOS™?

A: SANOS™ advantages are:

  1. very easy to use
  2. dries quickly
  3. specially designed workstation tested by veterinarians
  4. a single application can last up to six months
  5. eliminates the pet owner need for home follow-up applications
  6. can be used on any oral surface (sub-gingival gum line or tissue)
  7. has been demonstrated to be effective in extreme cases where all other products attempted have failed

Q: Do I need to do anything further after the SANOS™ application when the pet goes home? 

A: No, SANOS™ is designed to be worry free to the pet owner (i.e. no other SANOS™take home oral care products are required for follow-up care after the singleSANOS™ application). Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations as to when your pet should return for a checkup.

Q: How long will SANOS™ last? 
A: Clinical Results have shown a single SANOS™ application typically lasts up to 6 months. SANOS™ is designed to last between dental visits. However, please consult your veterinarian since a pet's age, current condition and care unrelated to dentistry may require more frequent visits.

 Q: How is SANOS™ Applied?

A: SANOS™ is applied by your veterinarian after a prophylaxis to the sub-gingival gum line. It is painted under the gum line with special dental brushes included in the kit.

Q: What, if it is not possible to use anesthesia, can I still use SANOS™?
A: The American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) does not recommend anesthesia-free dental prophylaxis.  SANOS™ is designed to be easy to use even under special conditions.  We recommend use of anesthesia to allow complete coverage and optimal performance of SANOS™.  Please consult your veterinarian. 

Q: Can I use SANOS™ on older pets?
A: Yes, SANOS™ is designed to be safe and easy to use even in cases where a prophylaxis (tooth cleaning) is not possible due to the condition of the pet.

Q: Can I use SANOS on younger pets?
A: Yes, SANOS™ is designed for all ages of dogs and cats after they have their permanent teeth. Several published studies have shown that by the age of 3yrs dental problems are observed in ~80% of dogs.

 Q: Can I use SANOS™ even if I cannot do a thorough prophylaxis on the pet regardless of age?
A: Yes, clinical results have shown that SANOS™ is effective even when a thorough prophylaxis is not possible on dogs and cats of various ages.

Q: Is SANOS™ safe for dogs and cats?
A: Yes, all components of SANOS™ are non-toxic. SANOS™ is designed with safety and efficacy as the top priorities. SANOS™ has been tested and has NOT shown any adverse affects to dogs and cats in Clinical Toxicology and Efficacy Studies.

Q: How/where were the SANOS™ studies conducted?

A: Several Clinical Studies have been conducted by Dr. Peter Emily in controlled double blind design, open design and in the field. Additionally veterinarians around the US have been working with SANOS™ in typical conditions and extreme cases in their respective hospitals and clinics.

Q: Can I brush my pet's teeth after SANOS™ application?
A: Brushing will shorten the lifespan and effectiveness of the SANOS™ product application.  It is recommended waiting at least 60 days after SANOS™ application before brushing.  Please avoid removal of SANOS™ along the gum line. 

Q: Can my pet have chew toys after SANOS™ application?
A: Yes, however, it is recommended waiting 7 days after a dental or SANOS™application before giving your pet chew toys.

Q: Can my pet have dental cleaning chew products after SANOS™application?
A: Pet dental cleaning chew products are not recommended with SANOS™ because they will shorten the lifespan and effectiveness of the SANOS™ product application.