My dog was pretty sick and they got me in same day the vet I always use wouldn't even do that. The staff are professional and vary kind. Definitely recommend I will be going back.

Karen J.

We switched to this vet recently and are loving them! Easier to get an appointment than a lot of other places and they are all around wonderful. Great with our pets, very clean inside and professional. Highly recommend.

Gael S.

This is by far the best vet I’ve been to. My family has fostered for years and have been to several vets in the area, including some far away. Plymouth is 110% the best place to take your pets. This is the only place I trust for my pets normal veterinary needs. Everyone on staff- from reception to all the way to Dr. G are kind, caring, and extremely personable. They treat your pets like they are their own, and I couldn’t have asked for a better practice. The prices are extremely reasonable- they tell you upfront what any cost will be, and they will not run unnecessary tests. I know my babies are in the best care here. Thank you, to the whole staff here💕.

Erica Patton

This is a great neighbor vet. The people who work here truly love animals and treat me and my dog very kindly. The office is very clean and comfortable. They are gentle and take their time to carefully examine my pet. They have been able to see my dog same day, and even kept her all day to keep an eye on her and take care of her during a scare when she was a puppy. They once offered me to bring my dog in for treats a few days a week simply to help her get used to females. They are great at calling and giving updates, following up, and checking in. The quality of care and the kindness of the team is the best I've encountered.

Tiffany D.

Absolute amazing experience here so far. The staff is lovely and treats all patients with love. My female Siberian husky Efrideet is now almost 5 months old and still loves to go to the vet despite receiving all her vaccines thus far.

Alyssa Gazda

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Gorbea and her staff. They have excellent communication and are extremely responsive. I know their office must be incredibly busy but they always accommodate our dogs whenever health issues arise. We have had many visits to their office over the past few years- we always have a positive interaction with the staff and our pups Barry and Archie have no fears about going to the vet thanks to them!

Elizabeth Karikomi

As a first time pet owner, I wasn't exactly sure what steps I would need to take for the wellness of my new kitten. While looking around, I found this veterinary clinic and decided to go in due to the high praise in the reviews. I couldn't have been more relieved to find that the people here were very considerate and professional. Even though they appeared to be very busy, they managed to make us feel as if we were their main priority. The care they had for Hugo (my cat) was phenomenal and they clearly knew what they were doing. I am happy with the service they provided, and I appreciate the peace of mind knowing that Hugo is fully vaccinated and as happy as can be.

Sean Lee

I stumbled across Plymouth Vet Hospital when my boy cat was struggling to pee and I desperately searched around for urgent appointments near me and nobody had emergency appointments until the next day or even later. I called and they accommodated us immediately and told us to bring him in. Because of that, we caught my boys FLUTD before it became a huge issue and I've gone back ever since. Later, one of the strays we cared for outside our apartment was hit by a car and we took him there after an emergency trip to a different hospital and we had to make the hardest decision to euthanize him. They provided the most compassionate care when we had to make that call and I have their card framed in my living room. We have a kitten now and she loves the attention she gets when we go and even though she gets mad they steal her blood, she loves to frolick around the rooms and love the techs. I could never thank they enough for their unconditional love and support for our animals and the cat centered care my babies receive.

Sarah Agristean

Carlos worked with my two cats this past week and was exceptional - listened to my concerns I had and went above and beyond when I asked for my cat to be de-matted. Very happy to bring my pets here! The entire staff has created a very happy and positive environment and I couldn't be happier!

Monique G.

Thank you for always taking such amazing care of our babies! Happy Angel and Luna had good checkups today!

Lark H.

I absolutely love Dr. Gorbea and her staff. I have been their client since she bought the business many years ago. They are knowledgeable and compassionate. My dogs have gotten nothing but the best treatment there. They never push anything on me and not only respect my decisions to be more conservative but work with me to find the best ways to treat my dogs in a conservative manner. They also truly love animals and treat them with love an affection. I have had dogs most of my life and have always had to drag them to the vet. Since I started bringing my dogs here, they literally drag me in with their tails wagging. I know one person said they are expensive and I suppose they are, but I believe it is a, "get what you pay for," thing. How much are your pet's health and well being worth to you? I want to know my pet is in good hands. I feel they are worth every penny.

Sharon B.

Plymouth Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Gorbea, and their professional staff are truly awesome professionals and caring individuals! They have been my Vet for quite a while now and I am always impressed by their Veterinary skills, professionalism, follow up with me as a client, and their teamwork with each other.As a professional dog trainer and behaviorist at Michigan Dog Training, I have seen them work behind the scenes. I can attest that they are amazing! I trust my dog's health and wellness to them and you can too!

Mike B.

The people here are amazing, very personable and helpful. We took our puppy in for his 12-week vaccinations and they made him feel at home. This is my first experience with a puppy and a veterinary office, and i have to say this will be his permanent vet.

Barbara G.

We love Dr. Gorbea. She has cared for all 4 of our Samoyeds over the years. All of our dogs are excited to visit her and her staff anytime we have to go. They provide a very caring, positive, happy environment and are very efficient in diagnosis and treatment. They always follow-up and contact us at home to see how our pups are doing.


So happy to have our Kiki get the best care at his new vet! Love the staff, the availability, beautiful facility, and he's in great hands. Thank you!

Melissa L.

I can't say enough great things about the staff at Plymouth Veterinary Hospital. Attentive, supportive, and welcoming are just a few things that come to mind. Over the last 6 months my dog was injured and they have taken great care of my him (and me!) making sure we have every tool, for a successful recovery. Very thankful for them.

Shannon B.