Canine Influenza in Michigan

Canine Influenza Outbreak Update!

The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association has received information that at least three cases of canine influenza virus have been confirmed in Michigan. Canine influenza virus is one of several pathogens that can cause infectious respiratory disease in dogs. Any pet owner who suspects that their dog may be sick should see their veterinarian. Signs of illness include cough, fever, lack of appetite, and lethargy.

Here are some tips on minimizing your dog’s risk of exposure:

*Reduce the frequency of boarding/day care, or stop altogether until the flu threat is passed. We can provide some resources to you of trusted at-home pet sitters in our area, just ask!

*Minimize contact between your dog and unknown dogs in the neighborhood. If you have a dog-heavy subdivision or take walks frequented by other dog lovers, keep your leash short and express to the other pet parent that your dog isn’t up for socializing today. Non-retractable leashes are best for this kind of control during walks.

*Keep your veterinarian apprised of any and all health changes you notice in your dog. We would rather hear about every cough and sneeze than be surprised when you show up with a dog who has been sick for a week or more. We can do a lot more to help your pooch when you bring them in early. Give us a call if you have any concerns.

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